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Giardia Pet Test

Ref. PET100-1

Rapid test for the qualitative identification of Giardia lamblia antigens in animal feces

Giardia Pet Test


Giardiasis is a disease caused by the presence of a parasite, Giardia lamblia, which involves an inflammation of the host animal’s intestine. It is a rather frequent pathology that is transmitted through contact with the feces of infected animals.

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GARDIA PET TEST is useful for anyone who wants to check the presence of the parasite in animal feces. The main symptoms include: nausea, diarrhea, fever and weight loss.

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GIARDIA PET TEST is a lateral flow diagnostic device based on immunochromatography, used for qualitative identification of Giardia lamblia antigens in animal feces.


  • 1 test cassette
  • 1 vial with collection stick and dropper, containing the diluent
  • 1 pipette for sampling
  • instructions for use


  1. Collect the sample using the special collection sheet;
  2. Unscrew the cap of the vial, plunge the withdrawal stick in 3 different points of the sample and screw the cap back on;
  3. Break the end of the cap, freeing the dropper part, and dispense 2 drops of the diluted sample into the well (S) indicated on the cassette;
  4. Wait 10 minutes before reading the result.


Negative no Giardia lamblia antigens have been detected in the sample.
Positive the concentration of Giardia lamblia antigens in animal feces is above the cut-off. It is recommended to contact a specialist for further information.


The test has been carried out correctly when the instructions for use are followed. It includes the reading time and the interpretation of the results shown at the "RESULTS INTERPRETATION" section of the instructions for use.

A colored line will appear at the control region (C) on the test device, showing that the test performed correctly. The absence of the colored line suggests to repeat the test with a new device and a new sample.

The color and intensity of the lines do not affect the interpretation of the result. The test has to be considered positive regardless of the color intensity of the test line (T).

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