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Tuesday February 28th, 2023

Vitamin D appears to reduce the risk of developing diabetes in prediabetes adults

The potential benefits of vitamin D are the subject of frequent investigations: an interesting new study published in Feb 2023 in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” has explored whether supplementation can prevent diabetes.

The study by Dr Pittas et al. found that vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of progression from prediabetes to diabetes by a statistically significant 15%. The authors also suggest that the optimal level of vitamin D in the blood needed to reduce diabetes risk may be above 50-60 ng/mL (125-150 nmol/L). The researchers pointed out that “inexpensive vitamin D supplementation could delay the development of diabetes in more than 10 million people“. These findings emphasise once again how increasingly important it is to maintain an adequate vitamin D level and a healthy lifestyle, with proper nutrition and sufficient exposure to sunlight.

The vitamin D semi-quantitative test is the right ally for a simple, fast and reliable check-up of vitamin D levels in the blood and the monitoring of its intake.



  • Pittas Ag et al. Vitamin D and Risk for Type 2 Diabetes in People With Prediabetes : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Individual Participant Data From 3 Randomized Clinical Trials. Ann Intern Med. 2023 Feb 7.